I've been o/c'ing a week 21 unlocked Duron 600 on the A7V motherboard with 128MB PC133 RAM (I think it's CAS3 - it runs at 8ns, am I right?) I use an old Alpha PH6035 heatsink, with ambient temp of 28-30C.

So far I've got it to 750Mhz (38-39C) at default voltage, 800Mhz (41-42C) at 1.7V, 850Mhz (47-49C; wow it's hot at this speed) at 1.8V. I haven't pushed it any further yet - got worried about the temps.

Have anyone gotten good success with changing the FSB setting? I have been changing the multiplier, leaving the FSB at 100, and the memory at 133. If I were to bump up the FSB to say 102, will the memory bus stay at 133 or will it be higher proportionately?

I am also building a second Duron system (I have a week 23 unlocked Duron 600 for this). I originally wanted to get another A7V motherboard and pair it with a huge heatsink custom-made for the A7V with 2x 60mm fans blowing 38CFM (it's called the HEAT-KILLER, at computernerd.com), to keep it cool (plan on air-cooling only; no peltiers or water-cooling). However, I am now considering the Abit mobo (KT7-RAID I think). Which would be a better mobo? Now with the Abit, I would have to use another old Alpha PH6035 I have, and not the huge heatsink for the A7V. Less cooling = less o/c speed, which is my concern. As this is going to be my primary gaming machine, I want to squeeze as much performance from it, and good HD performance is important too.