something wrong with 133mhz fsb setting?
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Thread: something wrong with 133mhz fsb setting?

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    something wrong with 133mhz fsb setting?

    LOL, couldn't get my P3E 700mhz to run at 133mhz fsb on BE6-2, I thought I ended up with crapy 700mhz chip, I went over 133mhz and it works like hell solid.
    Just wont work at 133mhz. Got it up to 958, wont go anything beyond 140mhz, something with other hardware. I get error at the windows splash,(window protection error, must restart??).
    anyway thanks for the help you people gave me.

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    just as a test, see if it works when you disable the highpoint ATA/66 controller... a bunch of BE6-II's shipped (hell, 99% of them did) with bad controllers... mine doesn't work over 124mhz fsb...

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