I finally got my new p3-700e. It has the S-Code SL45Y so it has cB0 stepping (payed 10$ extra for that but it's worth it ). I tryed 142 FSB at first and it worked perfectly at 994 Mhz. I wanted to go higher so i did. I set the FSB to 144 and the it's ROCK SOLID. Played Q3 for 2 hours and ran Seti for about one hour and didn't get any problems at all.
And I am using Standart Heatsink & Fan !!!
This CPU OwNz!

New cfg:
P3-700e @ 1008
Soyo 6BA+IV m0b0 (BX Chipset)
Creative Ge-Force DDR
128 Ram PC133 (CAS3 )

BTW: how can i post some sandra pics???

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