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Thread: Power Consumption

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    Power Consumption

    I have an Antec 300W p/s. I leave my puter on 24/7 running SETI. How much extra is that going to cost on the electric bill? (In Oklahoma, gimme an estimate)

    But wait...I don't pay the bills...

    Stop being so nice dammit, you can worry about that when you move out...

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    About $21/month assuming about 250w of actual consumption @ $0.12 / Kilowatt hour.
    If you lived here, you'd be home by now...

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    You're probably paying roughly 3 cents an hour for the whole system (Computer, monitor, printer, etc) at 250W consumption at 12 cents/kWh. If you look on your electric bill, it will give the current rate of electricity. If you turn your monitor off, you'll save about 1/3 of that If you want to be technical about it, factor in heating and cooling costs, as well. That PC is *also* putting off about 250W of heat. Since air conditioning isn't very efficient, it will probably cost you 3x as much to cool your computer as it takes to just run it. In the winter, that will reverse; since the computer basically acts like a giant space-heater, the electricity is comparable to what you'd save in not using electric heat. Gas or oil heat is much cheaper.

    I know the math is obvious, but leaving a PC on all the time, it's about as if you turned on 3 36" TVs and left them on 24/7. Or, if you left 4 60W light bulbs on all the time...

    Just tell your mom it's using less electricity than her hair drier or curling iron would (And don't mention the AC bills!)

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    $0.12 US per kWh !!??!! That's insane...

    I live in Canada and pay $0.06/kWh in Canadian dollars and thought that was too high. Needless to say I don't think that way anymore

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