A quick memory question
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Thread: A quick memory question

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    A quick memory question

    Hello, I heard that you can inter mix both pc 100 and pc 133 sdram. Is it true, and if this is true is it a wise thing to do given you have extra ram on your hands.....THanks jacob...

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    yup, i guess it wont be a problem. But same speed RAM are recommended

    if u r going to run both stick @ 133Mhz....and if u have generic PC100, then i guess u wont be able to run it @ 133Mhz

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    You can Run both together/ However, your ram when mixed, will only run as fast as the SLOWEST Ram in the system,ie; whatever your pc100 will go up to, is as high as you will be able to go, unless you were to take the pc100 out. Hope this helps.

    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!
    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!

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    There is tons of generic RAM that will run at 133. R U gonna run at 133 or 100. If it is 100 the you shouldn't have any problem. If it is at 133 then you should see if the PC-100 will run at 133 by itself. If it does then add the 133 and you're off.

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