how fast should I go?
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Thread: how fast should I go?

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    how fast should I go?

    P2 400
    Asus 440BX/440ZX (2X AGP)
    Diamond Stealth 3 S540

    how much should I overclock this system and keep it running stable.
    please include bus speed, multiplier number, and voltages please
    your input would be greatly appeciated

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    the highest would be about 450-475mhz.
    so a 112-120 fsb would work.
    also don't but the voltage anything above 2.3, but if you go this high you better have good cooling.
    it depends mostly on the CPU itself, you just have to try it out, but 450-475 is what you should expect.

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    H1, and welcome!

    Right now you're running it at 4x100. The PII has a locked multiplier which means you can just forget about change all.

    I would suggest that you stat increasing the FSB step by step until it's unstable and then drop it down a bit. If you use the standard cooler I would not increase the voltage more than 10%. More cooling will help some on the success of overclocking, but I would believe you could reach 450-500MHz.


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    I would suggest starting with 112MHz FSB, 4.0 Multiplier (Locked), stock voltage.

    I can run my PII 450 @ 505MHz at stock voltage with no problems. You Savage 4 video card typically will fail above 79MHz AGP so you will be limited in that way.

    If that runs stable, try for the next FSB up, probably 120/124MHz.

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