Help! cB0 now or wait for cC0?
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Thread: Help! cB0 now or wait for cC0?

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    Help! cB0 now or wait for cC0?

    Okay, I have a buyer for my PIII 450 Mhz.
    Now Im really tempted to go out and get a 700E cB0 to go with a new CULS2. I really want to hit at least 933 Mhz but Im hoping for 1008 Mhz or something.

    When are the cC0 steppings supposed to come out? Should I wait or go buy a cB0 now?
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    Only chips out that were cco were the 1.13 ghz chips and those have been recalled i suspect that you wont be seeing cco chips trickling out for about another 2 months at best since intel has just finished has moving the majority of its fabs to .18 micron..

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    ...and as they start to move one or two to .13 for the Northwood P4
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