120VAC 4" Cooling Fan
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Thread: 120VAC 4" Cooling Fan

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    120VAC 4" Cooling Fan


    i just got this fan (120VAC 4" Cooling Fan 65cfm) http://www.radioshack.com/ProductCat...730241,00.html

    it came with no connector on the end, just 2 wires...so i assume i would have to get a special cable (taking one from a normal case fan wouldnt work, would it?)


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    I dunno about any special cables, but I just put some fans in paralell that i had ripped from old power supplies. it was pretty easy, just stripped the wires, wrapped em, soldered em (probably unnessesary), and taped em. Fans workin fine. So you could do a job like that.
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    A 120v fan runs on wall current (US) Not off you Power supply. you could connect it to the power switch at the rear of the supply or put a long enough cord on it and plug it into the wall.
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    Take the fan with you to Radio Shack or a automotive supply store, they can give you the right size crimp-on wire connectors that will go onto those two little tabs on the fan. Now onto Home Depot, some #16/3 power cord cable(how ever much you need), a cord end to fit into your wall socket or power bar, and that should be it. If you are going to drill a small hole in the case to bring the wire in, protect the cord from the sharp edges with some electrical tape.
    Since your using a cable with 3 conductors in it make sure you ground the green wire to the case. The black conductor goes onto the gold colored screw and the white wire goes onto the silver colored screw when you wire up the cord end for the power bar end. You need a crimping tool for the 2 little ends that will go onto the fan tabs. Hope this helps.
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