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Thread: 1050mhz duron YA BABY YA

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    Welcom to Hard Word Central!!

    dfilANPARTY ut 250gb a64 3200 @ 2.52 (280 ht x 9) 2 X 512 g.sKILL PC4000 gIGABYTE 6800 gt
    Antec 430 truepower 2 Maxtor ATA133 8 MB cache Acer 52X Lite-On 1633s DVD-RW TB Santa Cruz - FPS surround LS120 O/B NIC Antec 1080 case

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    Who the hell care man it isn't a book report or anything...... it's ok as long as we get the real meaning

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    Originally posted by Ultim8_Evil:
    Oh and by the way, Mutha Funker, if you're trying to indicate a German related joke, it's not "Ya", it's "Ja". And don't argue with me about that one because I'm doing advanced German as an A-Level!

    only an a-level student and already an attitude like that... usually people experience life before they become bitter and twisted.... you certainly are advanced.

    1.33 axia @ 1640 mc462/delta
    giga-byte 7dxr(soon)
    512 crucial 2100
    geforce 3
    2x quantam 40 as
    ibm 30.7 7200
    and other stuff

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    Ultim8_evil: give it up, why the hell did you post in this thread anyways, he is only showing off his rig

    forrest2012: great job, i am jelous of your rig, i think i will be moving on to a duron
    T-bird 750@1100mhz
    512megs PC133@cas2
    30Gig IBM
    Leadtek GF2u

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    LOL this is the funniest thing I have herd in a while on HWC.All this comotion over me LOL.Hay maxout ..How hard would it be to implament ( hay evil did I spell it correctly ) a spell checker?I know I am a poor speller. I think it is kinda childish people need to make fun of peoples spelling.

    owell what can I do ...I dont have a spell checker on my puter ..I guess I will just go and hide in the corner out of pure shame never to turn my computer on again ( hehe I will leave it on to crunch seti )

    PS I mispelled pelter too it is spelled pelt-=I=-er

    and for correctness I dident do 1050 on the ga-7zm. I just wanted to make shure it would fit on the processer. I did the 1050 on my A7V . I am waiting till wednesday to order a waterblock and waterpump.hehehehehe payday

    If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long will it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a cucumber?????
    If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long will it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a cucumber?????

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    Hay Ultim8_Evil, is u saygin, I gost to be a gooder tiper an most gooderest spelyer to talk my mind in this here threed?? I gess I shuldnt cum hear ane moor..

    Man this guy should go back to his advanced level German class and play with his level-A buddies.. Maybe he can understand what they are "talkin'"..

    <<<***My Stuff***>>>
    AMD Athlon 650 Thunderbird @ 900(super-cooled)
    Maximer "GoldFinger Device"
    FIC SD-11(for now)
    128mb Stick of Cruital pc-133
    300w Sparkle PS
    20 gig IBM 66 7200rpm HD
    Nvidia TnT2 M64 32mb
    HP 8100 CDRW
    Plextor 50X CDrom

    ~{*REMEMBER: Cooler Is Better*}~
    <<>*My Stuff*<>>
    6300 Core2Duo@2065 Mhz
    ASrock 775Dual-VSTA
    2GB DDR Dual Channel
    2 WD 150 7200 Raid 0
    XFX 6600GT @ 550/1100

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    Hey Ultim8_Evil, if I needed a spell checker, I'll go to my trusty Microsoft Word, no need for you to crack back on other HWC members. You thought you pretty cool to point out his spelling errors, now you just look like a dumbf**k.....

    Props to you forrest2012.......

    Spend a little more time now to save a lot of time later...

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    forrest2012: Nice work.

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    Ultim8_Evil why dont you go around and rewrite his post so you will feel better,or you can buy him a spell checker and send it to him if it bothers you too much...........


    This too shall pass!

    This too shall pass!

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