I was realy board on satarday and and I got my big 12v ps back, so I dicided trow togather a an air cooled pelter ( a peltier I bought on ebay for my P2 and the cooler master HS I got with my cpu mobo combo. I have been resisting for a while now cause I dident think my PS would handel it ). I made my own clips ,I had to I broke the ones I was trying to modify

, cut out a cold plate from some stanless steel sheating ( will this work better than an aluminum or copper??? ) and tryed it on for size and fit on my ga-7zm with my "spare" duron ie 600 @ 850

took it for a dry run on the 7zm( no power to the mobo ) and I could feal the cold on the bottom of the mobo so i know it was working.I put it on my a7v fired it up and tryed a gig . I got it but it wouldent bench.I took it apart and found I forgot the HS compound on the hot and cold side of the pelter.owell I cranked it up again still wont bench in saundra, was never able to bench in 3d mard 2000 over the default speed , but it was rather stable in UT..
I got it to boot into windows @ 1050 and got the asus prob program open.I watched it for a while ambiant was 24 c mobo was @ 27c and processer was @22c I watched the temp for a while felt the HS , it was hot ( stupid me ). opened up seti and I watched my temps start climbing.@35 c I shut down and went back to my GORB..... owell this gives me an excuse to go with water cooling heheehehehehe. befor I disasimbled the HS the peltier was on I taped the sides and the holes in the bottem up and I ran tap water , 15c , over it and got -7 c hehehe I toutched it and my finger stuck to it for a moment....yup I am going to go with water cooling.

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