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Thread: Underclock?

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    I have a little money burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm thinking of buying a mobo (Abit SE6 or Micro-Star 815e Pro) and a PIII 700. Until I get some more money, I want to use the boatload of 66mhz memory I have laying around. My question is, can I underclock the CPU to a 66mhz bus (or a little higher, if the mem can stand it) for the time being?

    Then, once I can get my hands on some PC150 memory, I'll turn up the dial and see what it'll really do.

    I can't think of a reason it won't work. Anyone else?

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    That should work.

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    I actually do that a lot. I usually clock my Pentium III 700 down to 466 MHz.

    It'll register as a Pentium III 466E.

    I do it when I'm don't need the power and when I'm trying to finish 3D Mark 2000 with the lowest possible score.
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    hehehehe... that's like when i got my Athlon Classic 800 to run at 500mhz and 1.3v
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