As you probably know by now, I have a T-bird 800 on a KT7. At 8x100 I have 40-45c temps. Cool. I figure drop the multiplier, up the bus. Based on temps I can' overclock too much so Ill go for more bus. 108x7.5=810... and temps went to 55c... 10mhz and 10c more. At 805mhz, the temps are the 40-45 again.. this isn't logical... maybe my RAM can't take it?

Also, I have it running at CAS 2. That may be it. My question here is, if I go to cas 3, how many mhz do I have to go up in order to make up for the latency?

Oddly enough, It boosted my Sandra Mem Benchmarks from 376/406 to 402/438 which puts me AHEAD of all the comparison scores! Yess!! Finally!

In all my tweaking I've gone from 306/343 to 402/438! Now all I need is some PC133 so I can go from 107mhz bus to 133.. 6.0x133 would be sweet

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