Crappy scores on my Radeon system!! why!! damnit!!
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Thread: Crappy scores on my Radeon system!! why!! damnit!!

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    Siamese Guest

    Crappy scores on my Radeon system!! why!! damnit!!

    Pentium 3 700e@910 (130Mhz FSB @ 1.85V)
    Golden ORB (Idles 36C, Max 38C)
    Asus CUV4X
    128MB PC133 7.5ns (3-3-3-6)
    ATI Radeon 64MB_DDR VIVO (OEM)
    Aureal Vortex 2 SQ (Quad speaker system)
    IBM 75GXP 30Gig ATA 100 7200RPM HD
    Toshiba 12X DVD
    LG 8x4x32X CD_Writer
    300w P/S & 17" ATX case
    Microsoft Intellimouse (with laser eye)
    USB Cannon Scanner (very stylish)

    I just built this for a friend and the prized piece was the Radeon cause ive already went through all 3/4 generations of the Geforce and I was aching to test the Radeon.

    I went ahead and benched the thing w/ 3dmark 2K and I got a measly 4500 3DMarks. What da heck? My P3-800 w/ a Geforce 2 GTS gets about 6600 3dmarks even with the better ram (Corsair 133 2-2-2-5). I have the P34VX which is essentially the same board as the CUV4X except for the Slot 1 and FCPGA socket.

    So why is the Radeon so incredibly crappy compared to the Geforce 2 even with the Detonator 3 drivers. Doesnt make sense to me!!

    I have installed the Via 4.03 Gart Drivers and stuff also I checked the Clockspeed of the Radeon and clocked it up to 183 cause it was only at 166 before. Even after this it didnt help and 3dmark was choppy compared to my system.

    Any clue as to whats happening?

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    Aug 2000
    Sofia ,Bulgaria
    what OS are you runing
    i've tested the radeon DDR whit 64 megs
    on WIN2K i found out that it does not have
    good drivers for win2k
    in win98 SE the radeon got just ~100 points
    less then the GeForce 2 on Coppermine 733@133
    whit 128 megs noname :-)) PC133 and asus
    CUSL2 (i815e chipset)

    The Number of the Beast

    Copyrightę Wooden Maiden 2k
    The Number of the Beast

    Copyrightę Wooden Maiden 2k

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    Siamese Guest
    hey Triple 6, im running win98 so it should be fine.

    I really cant explain it!! if u look at our systems, his should be able to run faster! But it aint!

    Mine His
    P3 800 P3 910
    Geforce 2(200/333) Radeon64DDR(180/180)
    Asus P3V4X Asus CUV4X
    128Mb (146mhz 2-2-2-5) 128MB (130 3-3-3-6)
    IBM13GIG 7200RPM ATA66IBM30GIG 7200RPM ATA100

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    Dec 1998
    Well all I can say is that CUV4x is not the same as P3V4x!!!
    Cuv4x has VIA 694z and P3V4x has 694x chipset!!!

    Also is the P3v4x optimized with WPCREDIT?!?

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    Mar 2000
    Bloomington, IL, USA
    The radeon is known to have crappy 16 bit performance. Are you running the tests in 32 or 16 bit?
    Yeah... bout' the only thing you wouldn't want to overclock, would be your clock...
    Unless you just want to be early all the time..

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    Oct 1999
    Hanford, CA
    3D mark is optimised for the GeForce.
    If you lived here, you'd be home by now...

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    Apr 2000
    Karachi, Sindh, PAKISTAN
    i agree with Maxout, you will always get high scores with GeForce/GeForce2 is coded to take advantage of geforce's TnL!

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