Getting AOpen HQ08 FullTower, is it good?
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Thread: Getting AOpen HQ08 FullTower, is it good?

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    Getting AOpen HQ08 FullTower, is it good?

    I heard from people that its a really kickass chassi if you're going to o/c and have some nice cooling.
    Im paying a bit extra and get this case instead of a miditower ****case... So, is it worth it? I really cant afford cases more expensive than the AOpen HQ08.

    If you want to know what my new system specs are going to be:
    AMD Duron 600 (with Golden ORB TDUFR01)
    128 mb pc133 ram
    ASUS A7V
    Asus V6800 Deluxe Geforce DDR
    17" Philips 107S10

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    That's a really good case. Go for it!
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    i just bought one cuz it was big and nice looking. i love it so far! i dont know if i would recommend it for someone who is specifically looking for a good case for cooling. the sides slide all the way off from front to back, so mounting a fan on the side of the case is out. there are not holes or vents up front for air flow. the only reason this is still going to work good for me, is because i am going with an airconditioning unit for my case! i still love this case though. another thing. only comes with a 300w ps. i have to see if i can find a 400w to fit it. shouldn't be a problem though.

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    the doors do slide all teh way back before you can take them off, but you can just bend the top row of clips down. this way, it still locks into place using teh bottom row, and the side row, so you can just slide it back a cm or so and pull it off. that way you can mount side fans. other than the tiny hold for ide/power cables to get to the top, it's a great case.
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    go to

    this guys HQ08 is awesome

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