SoftFSB + Win2k = thunk!?
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Thread: SoftFSB + Win2k = thunk!?

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    SoftFSB + Win2k = thunk!?

    Is it just me, or is SoftFSB incompatible with Win2k? I can detect and change FSB nicely, but I run into problems 5-10 minutes later. This is with *any* FSB change, up or down. Basically, I'm all hacked off cause my P2B-D will run stable only up to 133Mhz FSB. It supports 140 and 150, and I know that my ram and CPUs run great at 150 (Tested on BH6). Anyone got any idea why this happens?
    P.S. Some things (SoftFSB, benchmarks) show the faster CPU speed but most stuff (dxdiag, wcpuid) show the old speed. I'm baffled.

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    And the beat goes on...

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    i'll have to let you know if i have trouble once project gemini gets riled up
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