O'ced my tbird 700 to 840 have a couple questions.
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Thread: O'ced my tbird 700 to 840 have a couple questions.

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    O'ced my tbird 700 to 840 have a couple questions.

    I have an A7v/tbird 700 combo with the socketA golden orb. I kept the FSB at 100mhz and just played with the multiplier. It was stable at 8x100 but not at the 8.5 setting. So, I went back down to 8x mulitplier and was playing with the FSB. I upped it to 105mhz so right now it is pretty stable. Just wondering about the vcore and the pci voltage setttings. What they should be set at etc. Thanks in advance.

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    core voltage is a tricky thing - One seemingly absolute is that a lower rated processor needs more juice to attain a higher multiplier than the processor it's rated at.

    Of course, to every theory, there's an exception (little CYA action).

    I think many will agree to run your beautiful T-bird as close to spec voltage as possible, but get it running as fast as possible, at a stable clock - as long as your committed to overclocking.

    So, if the spec is 1.6 (hypothetical) & you o/c the CPU by 100 MHz, try running it at 1.6 corev. If it won't post, or is unstable, tick the vcore up a notch & test is with a 3D game or seti.

    Now that said, FSB is a little different. Sure, it taxes your processor, but more strain is placed on the system & memory bus, along with the processor - but more than likely less voltage will be necessary to run as similar speeds that just use the multiplier to attain.

    So, go for the gusto - increase the multipler to a stable speed & the FSB as high as your system will tolerate. You'll get better memory bandwidth & system throughput, but you may suffer more instability as well, because of the extended strain on the overall system, rather than just the processor


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    i am getting ready to oc my tbird 850 so i was doing some reading myself. i think i remember reading an article at tomshardware.com (they used the same mobo, which i will be using, too). if my memory serves me correctly the corev is 1.7 factory and should be able to run very stable at 1.85. but dont take my word for it, try tomshardware.com for some more reliable info.

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