250w ps with 900 mhz tbird, geforce 2 gts?
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Thread: 250w ps with 900 mhz tbird, geforce 2 gts?

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    250w ps with 900 mhz tbird, geforce 2 gts?

    I have an "AMD Approved" 250watt power
    supply and I want to build a 900 mhz
    tbird system with 1 7200rpm IBM HD,
    a Geforce2 GTS video card and various
    other cards.

    Has anyone else tried this configuration?
    I want to know if I should start looking
    for a 300watt PS.


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    The power supply is approved for the chip but that geforce sucks the juice you might have problems. Id try it first but you probably will need a 300
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    I'm running two HDD's two CD-ROM drives a CD-RW drive, a PentiumII 400, an SB Live 1024 and a Geforce2 GTS all from one 235Watt PSU. I have never had any problems.
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