DirectX 8 & Overclocking a Geforce2 GTS
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Thread: DirectX 8 & Overclocking a Geforce2 GTS

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    DirectX 8 & Overclocking a Geforce2 GTS

    This is my system:
    Pentium II 400 (Multiplier Locked @ 4.0)
    256Mb PC100 SDRAM
    Supermicro P6SBA BX Mobo
    Geforce2 GTS 32Mb DDR @ 240 Core/390 Memory

    I have heard that there is a Beta version of DirectX 8 somewhere. Will this help me improve the performance of my system. I realise that because my mobo is only AGP2X, I will never have blistering 3DMark scores however I would like to beat the 3700 barrier. At the moment my highest score is 3679. After 240/392, the Geforce2 starts to go ****ty on me. I changed it to 230/395 and it still worked. Which should be better? I am desperate to get to either 240/400 or 230/400 but it just won't do it! What I am trying to say is: How can I get more performance out of my system without spending a ****load of cash? (or even better, no cash at all!)
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    O V E R C L O C K T H E C P U

    Yeah... bout' the only thing you wouldn't want to overclock, would be your clock...
    Unless you just want to be early all the time..

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    RAMmyBus has the right idea We are all o'cing geeks here, right

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    He's got a locked PII... FSB is the way to go (TM)

    I'm sure I've got his manual somewhere...

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