First, I mean no offence--I'm seriously asking.

What I mean is, is the speed increase really worth it? Is the satisfaction of knowing that you tinkered (or hacked) your machine to make it work better worth it? I mean, I know that it gives a person some kind of satisfaction, but is it really, honestly satisfying?

I think it isn't. Overclocking strikes me as a symptom of existentialist anxst. We need to be challenged, to have something interesting and worthwhile to do, but because there is almost nowhere to chanel this urge to contribute, we invent things like the nobility of overclocking. We are all little Alan Turings with no Nazi code to crack (and with no world hanging on whether or not we crack it) and so we invent inner fictions to fill the void.

What we need is another direction, I think. What we need is an open-source seti-project (not that embarassing, leave-it-alone-and-don't-touch-it seti@home) where we can channel our energy in novel and resourceful ways.

Better yet, we need an alien invasion, and then an open-source world-project dedicated to cracking the alien code they're using to coordinate their ships, or something.

That way, we can overclock our machines for a reason (rather than to simply make a faster cpu out of a slower one for the nobility of it).

Any thoughts?