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Thread: Darn

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    Jul 1999
    Washington, PA USA


    I got my T-bird today.. wow those bridges are a lot smaller than in the picture I saw...

    I ordered the KT7 today, non-RAID... I couldnt fine a reputable company with the RAID version in stock... oh well... overnight shipping better mean I get it tomorrow!
    It said "requires Windows 95 or better," so I installed Linux.

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    Jun 2000
    West Point, UT
    Maybe in a few months, I might be able to soften the wife and talk her in to letting me build that second computer

    A Duron or T-Bird would be nice

    Apex MidTower w/250W P/S
    120mm Case Fan X 2
    Tyan Trinity 400, Rev. 4, BIOS 1.07
    FC-PGA 500E @ 700(5 X 140 @ 1.7V)
    MS 6905 Rev. 2 Master Slocket
    Global Win FKP-32
    Micron 128MB PC100 Cas2 SDRAM
    Xentor32 TNT2U @169/185
    PCI Slot Exhaust Fan
    15.3GB DiamondMax Plus 40, ATA66, 7200rpm HDD
    SBLive! Value
    56K/V90 USR Winmodem
    KDS AV-7T 17"
    Windows '98FE
    DirectX 8.0 Beta

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