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Thread: I'm Going To Ask A Stupid Question Here™

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    Do they not have these CPU's in the Philippines?[/B]
    Yes they do... I just never paid much attention to them until now.

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    I think the overclocking can be a bit tricky; motherboards are expensive for that and a little hard to come by. So far only 3 mobos for multiplier overclocking even exist; Asus A7v, Abit KT-7 (has onboard ATA-100 RAID), and something called a QDI Kinetiz?

    Anyway...They're dirt-cheap in comparison to the same mhz Intel offering (probably will be until after the IDF) but the problem is most of them are multiplier-locked. Supposedly it's easy to get around, but I'm not sure I trust everything I've read about them yet. A Duron 700 should get around 900mhz and pretty much eat a Celeron II for dinner. The Thunderbird is basically comparable to the PIII; though I don't know much about its overclockability. It seems to not hit as high an overclock as the Duron when I read about it.

    Anyway...if overclocking was not part of the equation I wouldn't hesitate to buy one; they're too cheap to pass up right now. But knowing the people that hang around here, overclocking is part of what you buy a CPU for anyway. I don't know much about how well they OC.

    Good luck!
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    Indeed, the motherboards are a bit on the expensive side, yes.... and there are only 2 or 3 out now that allows you to change multiplier, but that is 2 or 3 more than the number of slot one boards out there that lets you do that.... , I'm pretty sure the others will add that to there Mobo's too, else they will loose out on some sales....

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    Very interesting thread:> ) I would love to get my hands on even a Duron. I still can't convince the wife that a second 'puter is necessary....

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    Wait. the duron has 128 L1 and 64 L2
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