Hi all,
i've got an Aopen HX08 full tower, as beautiful of a case as it is, i think that there are some major design flaws with it, notably the placement of the power supply. The case has this tiny hole in it for ide cables to pass through, but the distance from the motherboard to the majority of the slots is way too far to fit two devices on a cable (i had a miserable experience using a 3ft nonstandard ide cable i found somewhere before).

i hav ea lot of devices though,
1 32x cdrom
1 10x dvd
1 4224 cd writer
1 7.2 gig boot drive
1 3.2 gig data drive
2 13.2 gig data drives
2 20.0 gig data drives

in total, 9 drives. the thing only has 3 hdd slots around the motherboard area, yet it has an area to hold 5 near the top. how am i supposed to get drives up there?? anyone else with this case have any suggestions (while being able to keep the case shut (using the airflow cooling idea)? thanks!

PS- i'm working on making a nice mod of this case like the people at oc hideout. just need to know where to place things