I have a HP computer, since buying it(3yrs ago) I've added quite a bit and I'm wondering if it needs additional cooling

PII 266
64mg Ram
250watt PS
4gig Quantum Bigfoot HD
Video integrated ATI mach64vt2
sound int. SB pci64
Maxtor 30 gig 7200 RPM Added
Creative Encore DVD (decoder card) Added
Creative 6424 CDRW Added
MonsterII VooDoo2 card Added
Scsi card for scanner Added
3Com Nic Added
56k modem Removed

The problem is there is no connector on the MB to attach a fan and there are no available power connectors.There is a removable piece on the front of the case where I could insert a fan ,but I would need to power it how????.
There are currently two fans the one on the PS and one on the back of the case which forces air onto the PII .There is no fan on the PII and no connector on the MB for one.If I can somehow manage to install a fan should it force air in or out.
Hope someone can suggest something,

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