Is my extra fan doing anything for me?
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Thread: Is my extra fan doing anything for me?

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    Is my extra fan doing anything for me?

    Hi all,

    This forum is amazing--so many helpful people.

    When I got my system, I threw in an extra fan that mounts on the board beside my graphics card. I did this without really knowing if it was going to help or not, or make my system more reliable/long lasting.

    Is it helping? My cpu temp is 33 degrees celcius. Does that extra fan keep a lot of things cooler than otherwise, or just the graphics card? Or, is it a wasted 10 bucks sitting in my box making noise?

    I appreciate every single answer! Thanks!

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    yup as long as you have it blowing out.
    you should probably think of putting a fan to blow into the case, usually located near the front bottom where the speaker is located.
    This type of airflow setup is the most recommended and would probably drop your chasis ambiant temp down 1 or 2 degrees.

    If you cpu temp is 33 that is totally acceptable.

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    Even if the fan is not cooling down your chip any it is still removing hot air from the case as well as from the video card which makes the system all around more stable. Plus maybe now that you have a fan by your graphics card you could overclock it and get some more performance out of your system.

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