OT: But I know someone can help? please.......
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Thread: OT: But I know someone can help? please.......

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    OT: But I know someone can help? please.......

    Looking for a portable MP3 CD player. The ones that play CD-R's wiht MP3's burnt to them. anyway, i have only found 4 out there, IJAM($169) Mambo-X($200), eXpanium($???) and Pine tech(~$200). I found one about a month ago for $115 but cant find it anymore. If anyone knows of a good one for a good price please give me some info. and would also like to hear from someone that has one. want to know if they are worth the money. thanks
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    The $115 one is the MPTrip, I cannot recall who sells it though.

    From what I hear, the MPTrip has a cheap-looking case but has excellent sound qualit and shock resistance, unlike the MamboX.

    Ive heard nothing about the other 3.
    If you can wait a couple of months for other companies to introduce mp3 CD players, the prices will fall to reasonable levels.

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