Celeron-MMX 333MHz and Am5x86-133MHz-P75
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Thread: Celeron-MMX 333MHz and Am5x86-133MHz-P75

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    Celeron-MMX 333MHz and Am5x86-133MHz-P75

    1. I have a Celeron-MMX 333MHz with Intel heatsink/fan and am looking to overclock, how high do you think I can go without additional cooling? how high do you think I can go with additional cooling and what cooling do you recommend?

    2. I have an AMD Am5x86-P75 133MHz Socket 3 CPU, Do you think it would overclock at 200MHz (50x4)and be stable with additional cooling?

    3. And I might as well ask, my system is an AMD K6-2 500MHz, what do you think? 550MHz (as long as the multiplier isn't locked)? 560MHz (112x5)?
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    best cooling is - one in - one out!
    ie. case fan and exhaust fan.
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    Is your 333 an A version or not? (w/cache) As for the Am5x86. I have heard of a few people running them 4x40 (160) but doubt you'll ever hit 200. They just don't overclock that well. A good heatsink/fan would be necessary on both... not to mention adequate intake/exhausts. Good luck!


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    1. Results may vary, ive known people who got anywhere from the 380 range to the 450 range. The 333 will not overclock as well as the newer Celeron 366 processors, because the core revision that allowed Mendocino Celerons to break 533MHz was implemented only recently after 333 production all but stopped.

    2. Probably not. AMD's pre-K6 chips were notorious for their low clock speeds, and hence were sold by Performance Rating rather than clock speed. Even the K6 series hasnt been a great overclocker, overall.

    3. First of all: the K6's multiplier has NEVER been locked, you can set it however you like.

    Also, 112x5 is your best bet. ALWAYS overclock the bus speed whenever possible with the K6-2, as it speeds up the cache too.

    If you find you cannot overclock the chip, 4.5x112 (504) will actually run much faster than 5x100.

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