I have all the right hardware, cb0 chip, Asus CUBX motherboard, Geforce 256 ddr, sound blaster, network card, and dvd decoder. I cant get the comp stable above like 110 fsb. Every time I load a graphic intensive application, it freezes. My motherboard has pci dividers, and i have an alpha heatsink. My comp stays around 28-32 degrees Celcius idle. And doesnt go that much higher in apps. What could be wrong... Please help. Ihave tried all fsb settings and core voltage settings, up to 1.85. Also, windows loads up very slow when I up the speed. When I jump back down to 100fsb at 700mhz Windows loads up fast. At 933 its takes forever. Im pretty sure that I should beable to run this system at least at 933. And with tehe pci divider i rule out any pci card causing teh lock ups. Any suggesitons would help.