The computer industry's cunning plan
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Thread: The computer industry's cunning plan

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    The computer industry's cunning plan

    Right, I have it all worked out. Why overclockers never have any money:

    1. Motherboard manufacturers.
    Produce boards with a range of fsbs to allow easy overclocking, thus tempting people to overclock. Now often they will give you a nice number like 83mhz, allowing you to toast equipment like your HDD. The nicer manufacturers will give you a nice divider such as 1/2, so that you can run at 50mhz pci, and ensure complette failure of your hdds. Also fsbs come in big steps so you either overclock your CPU a pathetic amount... or a huge amount so that it results in toasting your cpu.
    result - cpu melted onto the motherboard, hdd fried
    new cpu, new motherboard, new hdd

    2. CPU manufacturers
    nice overclockable cpus to tempt you to push them to the limit. so you do, ungforuneatley well beyond as well, to produce a small pile of ash. also brittle cores and small clips to allow easy snappage.
    result - snapped and/or fried cpu
    new cpu

    3. Cooling companies
    complete with hefty clip which is 1mm too small, your new heatsink is guranteed to snap any core. also your new waterblock is warantied for producing moisture
    result - dead hs, waterblock, pelt etc
    new mobo, cpu, hs, waterblock, pelt

    4. Software
    Programs such as SETI encourage competetition so that people are more tempeted to push the limit and buy the hardware listed above. Resulting in systemwide failure.
    result - dead system
    new mobo, cpu, hdd, ram, cooling, vid card

    5. Forums
    as above

    Everyone makes mistakes.
    I create disasters

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    I've been overclocking a while now and have never ever had one of those problems that you mentioned, infact my hdd's ran fine at 83mhz, and dare i say it better??? I never have any money becase i either spend it on beer or un-needed computer parts, i mean who really needs 16 100mb network cards??? well i sure as hell dont but i got them!!! enough of my rants ive been called back into the asylum!!!

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