Direct Cable Connections
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    Direct Cable Connections

    I posted this in the Networking Forum, but wondered if I could get quicker answers here... usually the case


    i'm sotally tober... drot nunk at all... i swear...
    i'm sotally tober... drot nunk at all... i swear...

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    Now I am by no means a network guru. I could never get that damn cable connection to work, except once. Check your IRQ's and make sure there are no problems. Also be sure that they are both on the same COM port (1,2,3, or 4). I still don't know how I got it to work, also just try using 1 null modem connector.

    As far as the NIC's go, I think you have to use a patch-through cable if you don't have a hub. And I'm not sure as to the software requirements of that. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    And if anyone knows better, please correct me and steer this gentleman in the correct path!

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