Will I be able to overclock this?
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Thread: Will I be able to overclock this?

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    Will I be able to overclock this?

    Okay, here are the vtal stats:
    P3 700E (7x100) fc-pga (no cB0)
    128 pc-133 ram
    GeForce 32MB/256bit, DDR, AGP 4X,
    Micro Star BX Master, Intel BX,Slot-1 Supports Pentium III/Coppermine, 66~155Mhz
    flip chip-slot1 converter

    My question is this: will the hardware support the increased bus speed (7x133)? or do i have to rethink my strategy? please say yes because i have the cpu and am getting the mobo, ram and vid card next week.

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    Sounds like a solid setup if you ask me. Your CPU is probably good up to 133MHz with an Alpha or GlobalWin cooler and you have the right RAM & Video Card if you want to use a BX board.

    P.S. Don't cheat yourself and get a cheap Sloket. Get an Iwill, Abit or Asus sloket.

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    Shouldn't have any problems with the board, but I would watch out for your PCI devices. As almost all, up until lately, have 1/3 divider between the fsb and PCI bus speed. So if you want 7*133, you're pci devices must be able to handle 44.3.

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