O/c Asus P2b with celeron 533?
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Thread: O/c Asus P2b with celeron 533?

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    O/c Asus P2b with celeron 533?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an Asus P2B mobo supporting Intel Pentium II/Celeron Processors. I am presently o/cing a 300a Cel to 450. Can I put in a 533 Cel and o/c to 800 MHz. I think there are two 533's. One labelled 533 and the other 533a. Am I correct? Can I use an adapter to support the 533a if I'm wrong?
    My thanks to all who read.
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    After searching around a little at www.asus.com and www.asustek.de it looks like the rev 1.12 and up of the p2b supports coppermines, with a beta bios upgrade available at one of the sites. You're right about the c533 and c533a. You need a slocket s370-slot1 adapter that supports coppermines, and has voltage adjustment jumpers. If you have a previous rev of the board I don't think any hardware presently exists that would adapt to c533a.

    My c533a needed 1.7 volts with stock fan for stability at 800, but nothing's guaranteed.

    Have fun.

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