PONG, on the case!
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Thread: PONG, on the case!

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    PONG, on the case!

    I will be getting a new case soon and want to make a couple of modifications, fans, a handle, and maybe a plexiglass screen with neon lights that I have heard alot about.

    But I have always loved to play a game of pong against a computer or friend and, to me, the best case mod I could think of is a LCD screen that plays pong constantly. I dont know if I could be done or if you think it is stupid but I would love some feedback.

    I would like to hear some other people's ideas for case mods as well, to get the creative juices flowing!

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    May 2000
    Just a little clarification, the mod would NOT BE A PLAYABLE VERSION OF PONG, hehe. Just two computers playing point after point. And maybe some way of keeping score, but I think I am pushing my luck.

    You cant chainsaw a duck.

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    Your best bet might be modding an existing pong hand held game. You know, taking it out of it's case and wiring it up to your PSU, not sure how, just a thought...
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    Any other case mods that anyone has though of would be helpfull. I am quite good at being the guinea pig.

    Also I lost my link to a case mod web site. They show all different peoples designs and stuff. I think it was http://pyramid69.something.com but I cant quite remember. Could someone post the link it they have got it please!
    You cant chainsaw a duck.

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    Yep, the fish tank.

    Take 1 Total Imersion Cooled Rig

    Mix with 1 Glass PC tank/case.

    And a new update to this idea NEON LIGHTS!!

    Any UK guys interested in Neon lighting?

    In car (12V) neon's are for sale at 6 in Maplin Clearance Store in Uxbridge, Middx.

    It's at the end of the Metro and Picadilly lines in case anyones interested.

    Only come in Red though.

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    Thanks very much for the link, still looking at ways to get pong on the case. I think that would be my ultimate case mod, even though it is useless it is still pretty cool. To me anyway.
    You cant chainsaw a duck.

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