PC133 in BIOS
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Thread: PC133 in BIOS

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    PC133 in BIOS

    I just installed 128Meg PC133, and I want to make sure that the bios set it to run at 133 instead of my old 100. How can I check this?

    Asus K7V
    Athlon 750
    30Gig Maxtor 7200
    128 PC133
    V3 2000 PCI
    SB Live Value

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    First of all, I am not familiar with Athlon mobos, so does that Asus K7V use a VIA KX133 chipset ? If not, in which case it is an AMD 750/1 chipset, your RAM will run at 100 Mhz regardless of whether you have PC100 or PC133 RAM.
    If you do have a VIA chipset, then look in your BIOS for a RAM+PCICLK option, where you can add 33mhz to your memoryspeed.
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    Um...since Pc133 and Pc100 are the same there is no such setting...the number just means it's supposed to work at that fsb speed...but you can look up the settings for CAS and RAS Latency and make sure they are set to 2...instead of 3...

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    if your board is the kx chipset then there should be a setting thats reads something like hst clk or something like that you need to change it to +33. Just look around in the bios i am not completely sure but if you board supports it it is in the bois

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