FC-PGA slot one heatsink
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Thread: FC-PGA slot one heatsink

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    FC-PGA slot one heatsink

    I have a slot one mobo and have only used a slot one mobo so don't laugh at my question.

    If I get a FC-PGA PIII and get a slotket can I still use my slot one cooler? Do the slotkets have the holes and setup for a slot one cooler? Or do I have to get a socket cooler? May seem stupid to you folks but I have yet to use a slotket.
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    No, you can't use your slot1 anymore because there's no way you can attach a fcpga-cooler on a slot1-cpu and vicaversa... trust me i have tried!
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    Nope, you will need something like this 2cooltek.safeshopper.com/1/109.htm?428 it works great,and is short enough that it doesn't waste any dimm slots on tight fits.

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