So this is my new setup. Ordering next week. Anything should be different? Suggestions? Plz, I want the comp to be a bad a$$ "all purpose" dream machine :-)

Asus A7V, VIAKT133-chipsett, Socket A
AMD Duron (Socket A) 650mhz@900mhz
Mosel PC133 SDRAM 128mb CL2 x 2
Pioneer DVD spiller IDE 16x/40x Slot-in
Plextor PX-W121032A (12/10/32 intern IDE CDRW)
IBM IDE ATA-100 30000MB 7200RPM 75GXP (2 in raid setup)
Aopen Big tower ATX HX08 300W
GlobalWin CPU-Vifte Socket A/7/370/FCPGA + 80W peltier
Panasonic SL95 TCO95 19"
Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro