I made my first waterblock ! !
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Thread: I made my first waterblock ! !

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    I made my first waterblock ! !

    Well, finally i made one...
    It don't look good, but hopefully it'll work on my GPU...
    Take a look below:

    Its three 4mm pieces of copper plates hard-soldered together with copper solder. The middle plate is like frame where the H2O is circulating through. And no... i won't use it on my Hauppauge WinTV board... Only to show ya how big it is..


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    Congrats! That looks really cool. It may not be the prettiest thing I have ever seen but it should cool very effeciently. Maybe you should keep it on the Hauppauge WinTV board, after all you would be the first person to ever overclock one!

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    Nah you wouldn't, I've already done mine!
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