GFD problem!!!!
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Thread: GFD problem!!!!

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    GFD problem!!!!

    Okay this is the story. I recently bought an Asus K7V motherboard for my 700Mhz Athlon and just now I was going to o/c it with my Speeddevil2 from Global Win but when installed the GFD on my Athlon my PC wouldn't even post. My monitor remained black and error beeps was coming out of the speaker. It was a high beep followed by a low beep and it just continued looping. It weird because when I was using it on a Epox 7Kxa it had no problem o/c my Athlon 700 to 850 without even touching the L2 Cache wich was 1/2 so I find it very odd that it won't post on my Asus K7V. Please help.

    My specs:

    - Classic Athlon 700Mhz
    - Asus K7V (newest bios)
    - Asus V6800 Geforce DDR
    - Apacher 128MB 133Mhz
    - IBM 20GB HDD & Maxtor 20GB HDD (ATA 66)
    - SB Live Player 1024
    - SCSI Plextor 4/2/20 CD-Writer
    -T-Bird 1200Mhz 266FSB
    -Abit KT7A-Raid
    -256 PC133 Apacer
    -Asus V7700 Geforce2 GTS
    -SB Live Player
    -2 IBM 45GB 75GXP (Raid)
    -40x Asus
    -Plextor 12/10/32A
    -Sony CDP-E400P 19"
    -10/100 Realtek
    -MouseMan Wheel Optical
    -A-open HQ-08
    -Enermax 431W PSU
    -Win ME

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    make SURE the cpu is pushed in all the way it might feel like it but you never know. and check to make sure your vid card is in all the way. and hum.. heck get a diferant GFD. double check the switches.
    i have the maxamizer well 2 of them.

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