Use of second psu?
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Thread: Use of second psu?

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    Use of second psu?

    I know people usually use a second power supply to power extra fans or peltiers. But how do you go about connecting a second power supply? I have a 2nd power supply, a 120 watt power supply I'd like to use to power my case fans and other such cooling accessories. This power supply has no switch of any kind so how do I make use of it?

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    This might help
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    ok, on the second PSU, connect pin #8 with any black wire, split another back wire andwire to pin #14.. On PSU #1, connect the black wire from PSU #2 to any black wire from PSU #1, and wrie from pin #14 on PSU#2 to wire from pin #14 on psu #1.. Good Luck!!

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