I have a Pentium II 400 running at 400... that is my problem! I know Intel locked the clock multiplier to 4.0x so that approach to o/cing is futile. My Supermicro P6SBA mobo only supports 66/100 FSB's so that route to o/ing is also blocked. The next nail in my o/cing coffin is that my mobo doesn't have voltage jumpers because it is all preset! To top this all off, I can't use SoftFSB or CPUCool because it won't recognise the make and model of my mobo. My parents are going to the USA in a week (I'm English) and they have promised to bring me back a Prophet II GTS 64meg DDR DVI card because I'm not going with them!!! I am excited with the prospect of having the fastest graphics card available to date but I'm afraid my 400mhz system won't like it... even with the 256meg of PC100 memory I've got. Please help!