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Thread: Help with AWARD BIOS

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    poochy Guest

    Help with AWARD BIOS

    Is an Award Bios dated 1997, pci/pnp 586, and is out of a Pentium 500 compatible to my pentium 133 with a Bios date 1995.Im not sure what I need either a Bios or software that will show me temperatures in my system.

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    BIOS simply implements the motherboard hardware. Older motherboards and CPUs don't have the temp sensing hardware so no BIOPS will help you.

    I'm not sure what you are trying to do either. Are you thinking of migrating a '97 BIOS to a '95 Mobo? I don't think it will work. Different Mobos, different configurations, different type of CPU, etc, etc... I would not try it. You might wind up with a bunch of parts that can't communicate anymore...
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    Not sure what you're trying to do either but this is from the Award page

    Do I need a BIOS upgrade?
    In most cases the only reason to get a BIOS upgrade is to add support for a new form of hardware you are adding to your system (such as a new CPU, or larger hard disk) that is not supported by your current BIOS. Most operating systems do not use the BIOS once the operating system is up and running, so you should not upgrade the BIOS in an attempt to fix a software bug unless the system/motherboard manufacturer has identified the BIOS as the cause of the problem.

    Consult the computer or motherboard manufacturer or the system supplier before upgrading the BIOS, since they will best know your particular system's capabilities. They may also be able to supply a BIOS upgrade if it is needed.

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    How do I get a BIOS upgrade?
    The original manufacturer is the best source for a BIOS upgrade. If you have a PC with AwardBIOS, you may be able to determine the manufacturer by reviewing the list of AwardBIOS vendors (this information is not available for PhoenixBIOS).

    If you are unable to contact the system/motherboard manufacturer, contact Unicore Software or Micro Firmware for assistance.


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    Best place on earth for bios string/mobo manufacturer search.

    Another good site to search by bios string

    Hope it'll help


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