Asus cuv4x with P3 667EB
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Thread: Asus cuv4x with P3 667EB

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    Asus cuv4x with P3 667EB

    New system with Asus cuv4x with P3 667EB, any suggestion in boosting speed?

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    If you have decent PC-133 SDRAM try taking the FSB speed up to ~140 - 142MHz. That will take your final clock speed up to 710MHz. With a PIII EB, you won't be able to squeeze much more clock speed out of the processors due to the lower multiplier and the higher default FSB.

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    Hi S_Klass

    Thanks for advice. I use Apacer module with
    Hyundai GM72V66841ET7K (128Mb). I am asuming that it is PC 133 since the dealer told me so.

    I tried what you said and the computer booted fine. But after a few mins of usage, it jammed.

    I am running NT 4.0. And it doesn't jammed that much.

    Do you know if I those ram are pc133?

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    I would say they PC133 are since the P!!! 667 runs on a 133mhz front side bus. Since it jammed, try upping the voltage to 1.7v just a suggestion, that's what you usually need to do.

    edit: only up to 1.7v if it runs on a 1.65v I'm pretty sure it does, but I'm not sure. If it runs on 1.6v then up it to 1.65v.
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