Do you remember how great HWC was about 8 months ago? It was so different then, you didn't hear anyone moaning and groaing about stuff. I didn't see any locking of threads or deleting of threads back then. The forums almost ran themselves. We hardly saw a moderator and never saw an administrator, it was a better time. I couldn't get enough of this site back then. Everyone seemed to get along so well and they didn't post offensive material because they feared the unseen administrators. Then the *****ing started. It all started with Collin's post "HWC can kiss my ***". Many changes have taken place to this site that have made it for the worse. It seems that 50% of the posts are flame wars or someone *****ing about something. You are probably asking yourself what my point is. Well my point is that the Cases, Cooling and Overclocking forum is the only part of this site that is still a fun place to visit. With all the changes that have taken place here, the C,C,+O forum has changed the least. For us that miss those "good ol' days" we stay in the C,C,+O forum because it is still laid back and for the most part moderates itself.
If you go to another forum there is no doubt that you will see someone complaining about a moderator or a adminstrator. You see mods quiting there jobs from the stress. You see members leaving HWC and creating drama. Surrounding this peaceful forum called the Cases,Cooling and Overclocking forum is the chaos that is known as the rest of HWC. I just wanted to take this moment to pass my appreciation on to you, the faithful members of this forum. I especially want to thank Duckman and Niteowl for there exceptional job at not getting caught up in the drama and keeping this place the way we all like it.

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