Abit BH6 questions
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Thread: Abit BH6 questions

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    Abit BH6 questions

    I recently updated my bios because I am planning on installing a celeron 566 and was wondering if doing so updates the AGP drivers? Do I need to update any other software or drivers that relate to my Motherboard? VGART???

    I've been having problems with my geforce so I am trying to troubleshoot.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think all you'll need is the BIOS update. I am running a 533A with the new BIOS and all works fine. As for the card I don't think so. I have an old VooDoo3 2000 AGP and it works fine but the Geforce are kinda touchy....

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    Cassis Extract = smell of cat piss

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