Athlon 700@900Mhz Why not!!?
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Thread: Athlon [email protected] Why not!!?

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    Athlon [email protected] Why not!!?

    I recently purchased the Speeddevil 2 from Globalwin it's the one with the L2 Cache settings. I'm running it on my Athlon 700 which is 0.18 micron I have it running at 850Mhz with the voltage set at 1.75V. I was actually hoping that I could reach 900Mhz when its a 0.18 micron. I know its not a heat problem cause when I was running 700 it stayed at a nice 40 degrees celcious and running at 1.75V now its only about 42-43 degrees Celcious after running 3D Mark 2000 and Quake 3 timedemo (I've got the golden orb). Could the problem be my L2 Cache thats holding me back? It's running 1/2 now should I try lowering it to 2/5 or would that lower the performance even if I reached 900Mhz?
    Please help!!!!

    My system:
    Athlon Classic [email protected]
    Epox 7Kxa
    Asus V6800 DDR
    128Mb pc133 only running 100Mhz keeps freezing when I set it at 133Mhz :-(
    SB Live Player 1024
    -T-Bird 1200Mhz 266FSB
    -Abit KT7A-Raid
    -256 PC133 Apacer
    -Asus V7700 Geforce2 GTS
    -SB Live Player
    -2 IBM 45GB 75GXP (Raid)
    -40x Asus
    -Plextor 12/10/32A
    -Sony CDP-E400P 19"
    -10/100 Realtek
    -MouseMan Wheel Optical
    -A-open HQ-08
    -Enermax 431W PSU
    -Win ME

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    850 with 1/2 cashe speed is awsome with air cooling.. you lucky most ppl can't get it stable @ 800 with the 1/2 speed divider.. Yes you will have to adjust the cashe speed, but I dont know how much performace you will gain going up only 50mhz, but reducing your cashe speed to 2/5.. I dont have much cashe speed experience, since I dont have to worry about it.. so someone correct me if I'm wrong.. good luck!!

    <<<***My Stuff***>>>
    AMD Athlon 650 Thunderbird @ 900(on air for now)
    FIC SD-11(for now)
    128mb Stick of Cruital pc-133
    300w Sparkle PS
    20 gig IBM 66 7200rpm HD
    Nvidia TnT2 32mb
    HP 8100 CDRW
    Plextor 50X CDrom

    ~{*SPEED LIMIT 2000MHZ*}~
    <<>*My Stuff*<>>
    6300 [email protected] Mhz
    ASrock 775Dual-VSTA
    2GB DDR Dual Channel
    2 WD 150 7200 Raid 0
    XFX 6600GT @ 550/1100

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    Definately set it to 2/5 if you want to get to 950Mhz. The performance won't drop any.
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    yes u will gain some performance but it will not be that much greater. if you can get it stabler and run it cool that high then it would be worth it.

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