Celeron 533a at 800mhz
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Thread: Celeron 533a at 800mhz

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    Celeron 533a at 800mhz

    I got my new celeron 533a today. Put it in my system and booted up first time at 800 mhz. Only problem was windows kept hanging. I turned up the voltage to 1.6. Now windows is stable. I was just wondering is this normal to have to turn up the voltage to get windows stable.

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    Yesh, it's normal, a 0.1 Volt increase will help stability without putting increasing your heat output much. Congrats!

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    nice job. i didn't burn mine in at all.

    i had mine at 1.5 volts, but i put it up to 1.55 just for extra stability, although it seemed fine at 1.5.
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