Well now when you are here I`m must inform you that I know evrything about Athlon overclocking and I solder setings on my CPU.

I have modified cooling for L2 and CPU and my CPU temp is oround 30C cooled only with standar fans on the cooler.

So problem is.

My 500MHz CPU 0.25 micron with 3,3nsL2 works ultra stabile @ 700 Mhz with default power seting 1,6V and default L2 @1/2. tested with 6 monts of work had no problems at all no BSOD or illegal ops, etc.

I tried sevrel times to get 750 without succes. I was thinking my MB was holding me back so I sold my old MSI 6167 and buy MSI K7Pro (only available mode was with ICS ??64, so I`m unable to o/c from BIOS with rising FSB).

Then I was thinkin maybe is PSU (I have 235W) and try to get my self 300 but without succes, and then I modified one old AT PSU so now my MB is supplying from the ATX PSU and all my HD drives CDROM, DVD, CDRW, Floppy, ventilators, are powering from AT PSU.

Again no luck.
Rising CPU voltage is not helpfull so what should I do.

I was calculating that Athlon needs oround 30A of current (@1.6V) so if my ATX PSU is not good with 10A on 3,3V and 19A on 5V what should I get.

How much you peole with 300W PSU are able to get from your 3,3V and 5V power outpus on the PSU.

How can I be shoure that problem is PSU.

Also with ading AT PSU to my system I was only unable to boot in to windows and evrything els was O.K., and with only one PSU my PC did not whatn to boot at all.

I disabled L2 from BIOS to eliminate L2 speed.

any help woud be great.

Thing still works great @ 700 and that is @ defauult 1,6V so it woud be very wierd that my CPU is unable to hit only 750.