Alright, I just set up this system... had problems in the beginning with my mobo/bios detecting all my components. Finally found everything, accurately.

However, I can't get win98 to install without seeing a variety of error messages. I have no idea what the deal is... I haven't overclocked yet, so I know it isn't freezing up as a result of that. An example of the errors I receive is "W98SETUP caused a Stack Fault in module W98Setup.bin at 0003:1F3D."

I've attempted to re-format my hdd a couple times and just attempt reinstalls, but that hasn't worked. I have no idea what the deal is. Someone please give me some suggestions here.

Here's my specs:
asus p3bf
p!!! 600e fcpga on an asus sloket
asus v6800 geforce ddr
soundblaster live! value
2 128mb stix hsdram ems
16x pioneer dvd
4x4x24x hival writer
20gb 7200 seagate barracuda



i'm sotally tober... drot nunk at all... i swear...