Windows Corrupt from overclocking?
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Thread: Windows Corrupt from overclocking?

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    Windows Corrupt from overclocking?

    I set my CPU (PIII 650E flip with golden orb) to 866 MHz today and the Shiat hit the fan. When i tried booting everything seemed fine until Windows started loading. It went for a few seconds and then said that my files were corrupt (vxd files) and i had to reinstall windows. OK, i set the cpu back down to 806 MHz and went to load windows again but both my Maxtor ATA/66 HDs could not be detected. I rebooted again and it said "checksum error" and i had to reset my bios and flash it again. Still my Hds werent detected! So i got pissed off checked everything out and still nothing. While i was walking my dog i realized i hadnt checked my i switched it with another and it worked fine. Any ideas on how to aviod this mess next time i bump my speed or do u guys think ive peaked my lil flip chip?


    PIII 650E @ 806 MHz with Thermaltake Golden Orb.
    Gigabyte BX2000+ Mobo
    256 (128 X 2) Pc100 Micron SDRAM
    10.2 Gig Maxtor ata/66 5400 rpm
    13.6 " " " 7200 rpm
    Voodoo 3 3k agp with intel fan glued on =)
    sound blaster live value

    The motherboard is a slot 1 with an adapter to socket 370.


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    The vxd errors were likely a result of windows registry corruption. Maxtor HDDs aren't known to be good overclockers. Typically ~37 - 40MHz is the upper limit for a Maxtor HDD. They are speedy as hell but don't take overclocked PCI bus speeds as well as some other drives.

    However needing to flash the BIOS is rather odd. I've never had to do that despite crashing my registry a couple times in the past.

    My (reactive) suggestion is to keep an image of your Windows partition using Norton Ghost and you can restore Windows in about 5 mins from a complete failure if you need to. Email me for details

    As far as a proactive solution, have you tried the 1/4 PCI divisor to bring your HDDs closer to spec?

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    The older 5400 rpm Maxtors were horrible for overclocking, they'd corrupt if the PCI clock got over 35 MHz. But the newer 7200 models are a different story. I picked up a Maxtor 15 GB 7200 rpm drive and it's a good as my old Western Digital - 41 MHz was no problem. Hopefully that 10.2 GB 5400 rpm Maxtor isn't your boot drive. If it is, change everything around and boot off of the 13.2 GB 7200 rpm Maxtor. It isn't the latest model though, so I can't say for sure it'll be as good as my 15 GB Maxtor. But, with the FSB at 133 MHz, your 1/4 PCI divider would have had the hard drives on spec at 866 MHz, so I don't think that's your problem anyway.

    But, I don't like that you're using that PC100 SDRAM. Running that a 133 MHz is a real stretch and could lead to all kinds of problems, including registry corruption. So, if you're gonna reach for the heavens, get some better SDRAM - Mushkin or Corsair are recommended.
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