Anyone See a Heatsink for a Duron Yet?
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Thread: Anyone See a Heatsink for a Duron Yet?

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    Anyone See a Heatsink for a Duron Yet?

    Just wanted to know have you seen any socket A heatsink fans yet? They did an overclock on the Duron on Tom's Hardware (mentioned nothing about cooling) maybe they used stock. But they hit 950Mhz with the Durons, All of them. What could these things do with a big old Alpha?

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    i am pretty sure that socket a uses the same heatsink as a socket 7 and socket 370. I have read they are the same size and have seen a few advertised that do all three. I too am interested in this duron overclock. Wish they would have mentioned more like was it stable at 950 did they just clock the multi or did they do the fsb as well. They also went from the default voltage of 1.5 to like 1.85. Is that safe for the proccessor?

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