Sad to ask the question, Voodoo5 or Geforce 2
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Thread: Sad to ask the question, Voodoo5 or Geforce 2

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    Sad to ask the question, Voodoo5 or Geforce 2

    This utterly pains me..... I have been such a longtime 3dfx fan..... but in 2 weeks I'll have $350 burning a hole in my pocket..... I've always planned to get the Voodoo5, but with all the recent reviews I've read and whatnot, the Geforce 2 seems alot faster, and a little cheaper (pricewatch). If someone tells me that I won't really notice the extra FPS from the GTS, and that FSAA is truely awesome, I'll stick w/ voodoo5. What i'm really asking is how noticeable is the performance gain from voodoo5->GTS. I sure have a way of being wordy.

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    The topic has been discussed to death on the video cards forum, do a search.

    I have an Asus GTS and love it but they are both near as damn it equal. If you are running a BX mobo the V5 maybe a problem due to it not being happy with a high AGP bus speed. If you go Geforce make sure it's a GTS, they are all near as damn it the same so base your purchase on price or features.

    search for the topic posted by Moraelin he has had a V5 for a while now.

    here is a random thread


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    I'm going to have to agree. I also am a Voodoo fan but in the last few weeks I've come to believe that the GeForce GTS is superior to all other cards.
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    Well I have a V% 5500 and I think it is a good card. The FSAA is cool shows me
    stuff in UT that I have never seen before.

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    The absoulte boiled down bottom line is this...

    Nvidia currently = highest speed
    3Dfx currently = greatest image quality

    Pick which you tweak for more often.

    I do both, so I got a V5 and ordered a new PCI GF2.

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